Les territoires disponibles / Territory : Monde sauf Japon / World except Japan


Périodes disponibles / Availabilities : 2019 - 2020


Le style de musique / Genre : Electronic Metalcore


Présentation / Introduction :

Founded in the beginning of 2014, I Promised Once set out to create the perfect fusion of Heavy Metal and Electronic Dance Music supported by their globally diverse members from Japan & Germany.

They released three records so far, "New Blood", "Dust To Dust", "The Awakening" and "Departed".  Their new album "Salvation" is now available on digital platforms.

During their first European Headliner Tour in June 2016 they completed dates in 6 countries. Their major performances in Japan include the Countdown Japan 2015 and Loud Park 2016! The Salvation Tour 2018 included 10 dates in Europe.

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What people say

" You are part of me, you are in my heart and in my veins, with your music and your humanity. You are special and I love you deeply!! "

-- Michela Sciutto, YouTube