Les territoires disponibles / Territory : World except Japoan


Périodes disponibles / Availabilities : From now to 2020


Le style de musique / Genre : Percussions/ Taiko


Présentation / Introduction :


Born in Mie pref. Japan, Ichitaro started his career as Taiko drummer in 1990 joining the popular Taiko percussion group Ondekoza led by the founder  Tagayasu Den.


Ichitaro then had a unique experience of running 15,000 km across the continent of U.S. while performing around 500 concerts as Ondekoza at many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall in N.Y.


After performing at more than 2,000 shows in and out of Japan as a center player of Ondekoza, Ichitaro went solo and started touring around the world sometimes played with other instruments or artists which includes but not limited to a Grammy Award winning Estonian

National Choir, an orchestra concert in Rio de Janeiro.

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What people say

•「まさに神の音色。 壱太郎の演奏を聴いた、ガン患者の免疫力が上がったと臨床結果がでました。」

It's a true sound of gods The immunity power of the cancer patient

rises by his music.

~Dr.Yasunari Kageyama   Tkanawa clinic~