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It all started in 1994 in Paris with “La peau”. This release, from their first single, marked the electric generation 90’s.


No One sustains its momentum with “Utopia” in 1997. With an uncommon strength and live energy, No One is present all over Europe, we can also meet them in Chile, Argentina or at American festivals such as South By South West.


The success is on their side with the release of “Revolution.com” in 2004 and “Gasoline” in 2007 with their rock, electro, blues, sweet and torn sound.

The powerful DVD “Siempre De Suerte” established them as the reference of furious rock in France.


Always in tune with the times, street noises and new sounds, No One is again committed in 2011 on forbidden paths, making way for electronic grooves with an overexcited “Drugstore”, an album they will defend with an incredible strength.


Directed by Fred Duquesne,“Propagande” in 2015 is a return to basic sounds with the need to roar and to fight against the ambient gloominess. “Propaganda” is described by critics as the big rock slap of 2015. Just before the release of “Propaganda” the group performed 2 nights at the Stade de France with AC/DC.


No On has is back on the roads of France. Everyone that saw them them live know that the members throw themselves into the arena as if they risk their life every concert, as if it was the last one.

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