Blu-ray from the concert "LAYERS", recorded in 2016. Release date 2018

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This performance was a new challenge for the 10th memorial of her independence. KOKIA explored a new path, she tried something different from her usually acoustic performances and proved that her range of music is almost borderless.Dancers accompany her on stage for an immersion in a world of dreams and enchantment !



1. 森羅万象 (Shinrabanshou)

2. 調和 (Chouwa)

3. 言葉の砂のお話 (Kotoba no suna no ohanashi)

4. ゲマトリア (Gematria)

5. Life〜生命の響〜 (Life 〜Seimei no hibiki〜)


7. 音楽誕生のお話 (Ongaku tanjou no ohanashi)

8. ものがたり (Monogatari)

9. Independent〜独立〜 (Independent〜Dokuritsu〜)

10. Layers〜波〜 (Layers〜Nami〜)

11. 人生は歌のようね (Jinsei wa uta no you ne)


Limited item signed by KOKIA

Imported product (Japan)