Triste nouvelle, I Promised Once se sépare de son chanteur George pour divergence d'opinion artistique. Rassurez-vous toutes les dates sont maintenu et des nouvelles bien plus joyeuses arriveront très vite.

English/Japanese Statement :

"Dear friends, we unfortunately have to announce the sad news that vocalist George & I Promised Once have decided to go separate ways due to creative differences.

As a starting member of the band, he was integral to the foundation of our sound and we will always be thankful to his years of service. There is no bad blood between us and we wish him all the best for his future musical & private endeavors!

All upcoming concerts & tours will proceed as planned while we prepare the band for the next stage. We are excited for the future and will have some more happy announcements coming up very soon so stay tuned!

-I Promised Once-

突然の報告になりますが、この度I Promised OnceからGeorgeが脱退する事になりました。 今後は残った4人でI Promised Onceを続けて行く事になりました。


急な発表になりましたが、これからのI Promised Onceを今後とも応援のほどよろしくお願いします。"