KOKIA online shop : New exclusive signed items !

To celebrate her 20th anniversary, KOKIA signed a limited number of DVD and Blu-ray now available through 33 Degrees online shop. CLICK here → https://www.33degrees.eu/kokiashop

*Delivery worldwide !

>> LAYERS (Blu-ray) Digest : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OemhL3bOVfA

This performance was a new challenge for the 10th memorial of her independence. KOKIA explored a new path, she tried something different from her usually acoustic performances and proved that her range of music is almost borderless. Dancers accompany her on stage for an immersion in a world of dreams and enchantment !


BIRD WATCHING was released in 2018 to celebrate her 20th anniversary. The DVD is a compilation of live performances that KOKIA herself selected from her 20 years of activity. Her main songs, and her greatest successes are all in one DVD. You will also find live videos that were never made into DVD until now such as her concert「il mare dei suoni」in Italy, or「The Soloist」 in China.

>> BEYOND IMAGINATION (Blu-ray) Digest : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmJ1bOzmDkc

BEYOND IMAGINATION is a special release through which KOKIA wants to thank all her fans who made her who she is today. Thanks to you, she could find the strength to move beyond difficulties . She created the setlist mixing new and old songs together as ‘a journey of thank you’.