Notice of cancellation of David France performance]

Originally scheduled for April 11, 2020, David France performance announced a one-year postponement

We would like to inform you about "Reason for existence -Europe-".

Even after many postponements, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) could not be confirmed to converge.

As a result of taking into account the situation where strict restrictions continue even in France

We are announcing that we will not postpone it further and will cancel it.

We are very disappointed with the cancellation, but we appreciate your understanding.

Purchased tickets will be refunded.

For the refund process, please send us the following information by email :

- Full name of the person who purchased the tickets

- For the Bank transfer : Your IBAN, Full name of the owner of the bank account and Home address

[SUI Comment]

Thank you for your support.

It has been announced that the performance in France will be cancelled.

Performances abroad make David's activities more global.

I really wanted to make it happen in order to expand the possibilities of the future.

Above all, it was one of the dreams I wanted to realize without losing the feeling of support I received from everyone.

It's a shame that we have to announce the cancellation.

However, I have not given up on overseas performances.

If the coronavirus (COVID-19) converges, my bigger dream will come true.

And at that time, I will protect David so that I can enjoy it with more people in France.

I hope that the situation not only in Japan but also in the world will be eased as much as possible and that we can feel at ease.